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標題: but we have been suffering here for three thousand years [打印本頁]

作者: dgsuosfqt    時間: 2013-5-30 17:30     標題: but we have been suffering here for three thousand years

Hao Zheng said: evil Church has long been statement with Cao Yueming dry in the end, and also requested the international killers 九号 killer in case Cao Yueming really dead, is destiny! Big sister with a wry smile,Ran Ban sunglasses, said: I hope that watching him step by step toward death, I was personally kill in order to soothe my pain. Sister ... this man is not worthy of you! Hao Zheng Road.
You know three thousand years, we have suffered torture, how many times I wanted to call Prometheus kill me, how many times I wanted to kill him, he should not longer be such a pain, you thought you were bitter lot, but you have not tasted the taste of over three thousand years of torture you here just a few years, can not stand, but we have been suffering here for three thousand years, the number of nights and days,, how many times the idea that you want to die, we are not lofty, but we have a clear conscience, How about you, it is so selfish. no matter what? you want to live together and orcs, let your offspring to marry a person is not a person to be his wife? even if we also have to put things you sat down. the voice of the Lord God is very excited..
She put a cup of tea , drink a few mouthfuls. Some people silent, save time and money and effort and ensure the safety? Then I came here, to me proof of holding the master, they are being offered free on these days, the guests did not how the door, I go to a nearby inn view, they are discussing Mu Zhuang Pimie regarding Mu Zhuang's person in charge of the industry then get together a meeting to a later date to discuss the how too. they intend and Mu Zhuang dissociate itself from it? light marks asked.
Well, he still has a chance to survive it? However,Wedding Party Dress sale, if not too much hatred, or Free and wounding life. Wounding one, is to reduce the popularity. When the popularity is reduced to a certain level, then inexplicable own dead. Academics gently smile, Chen Jian said: Take it easy. I let you leave, in fact, for this thing. Tao Tao: Zhen Ye, I really did not suspect the boss.
Ah! ...... This is such a big thing you and I do not talk with you ...... you ...... Wait until the senior package of Ocean Hotel Punta Fuk Court Yuexiao Cheng and another four people are waiting for him. Two of which he certainly know a protégé Liang Zaining a Bao Yifan, a guy Manmianhongguang,air jordan 7, medium height, wearing this set of valuable milk white suit, it seems certain directors of Blue & P Properties Long Mu Jiuxing. The last one was a child, around eleven-year-old, and did not look, but staring at Liang Zining see.

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